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PENCIL Partners get involved in schools

We are one of the nation's largest networks of businesses, universities, faith-based organizations and volunteers engaged in public schools.  With more than 800 PENCIL Partnerships directly impacting Nashville students and teachers everyday, we believe that community involvement is key to students' academic success.




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Apr 26, 2016
BRAVO! 2016 Celebrates Partnerships and Volunteers

The PENCIL Foundation's 2016 BRAVO! celebrated another great year of the Nashville community rallying around our public schools.

Apr 8, 2016
An appreciation of a PENCIL Founder, Ed Nelson

The PENCIL Foundation would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Ed Nelson who recently passed away. He was one of the original founders of the PENCIL Foundation in 1982, and helped start a legacy of community involvement in the Nashville public schools that continues to grow today. The PENCIL Foundation appreciates the years of service he gave to our community. 

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PENCIL is the premier organization linking community resources with Metro Nashville Public Schools. Thanks to dedicated PENCIL Partners STUDENTS are in state-of-the-art laboratories, working alongside teachers and industry professionals. TEACHERS are designing lesson plans that cross the traditional boundaries of education - like linking data points in algebra with students' Agricultural Science classes. Dedicated VOLUNTEERS are regularly donating one lunch hour a week to helping a child improve his or her reading comprehension. BUSINESSES are creating an engaged and excited pipeline of students interested in their industry through internships and job shadowing.


PENCIL is a registered  501(c)(3)

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